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Support our mission with a  tax deductible gift today!

Infinery aims to change the world by disrupting the way parents buy, use and toss kids clothes. Infinery solves the dilemma for parents of what to do with outgrown styles while promoting channels for each textile to get more wear while reducing waste. Each parent's participation in our circular economy helps to support our mission. Our mission needs monetary support to keep our volunteer and non-profit operations running. Monetary donations go towards storing collected items, the buildout of the pop-up events, the promotion of our organization as a tool for educating members on circularity and sustainability strategies as well as supports new developments in fiber to fiber recycling opportunities. Each gift made to Infinery is tax-deductible.  Thank you for supporting Infinery! 

 needs funding and supprt for:

Infinery Operations

Storage of collected clothes, displays to provide our members with the best rehoming experience, our ability to amplify our community -- all of it is made possible by generous donors like you! 

Support advancements and innovation in fiber to fiber recycling and reuse

Recycling technologies have a long way to go if we are going to be able to maximize materials for reuse. Currently, recycled materials are comprised of recycled plastic bottles -- but that doesn't solve for the 400 million pounds of textiles that NYC throws away a year. With advancements in local fiber to fiber recycling, we can change the way we waste textiles - saving money and the planet! 

Community Education Tools for Sustainability & Circularity Strategies + Climate Change

Research shows that more than 65% of new parents are aware and concerned about the climate crisis. Solving for related challenges can feel overwhelming. At Infinery, we want to provide a gateway into participating to solve some of these big challenges, believing that if we create a community, we can aid in doing our part to save the world - for us and the generations to come. 

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