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Children's clothes have a shorter wear lifespan and Infinery aims to divert kids' outgrown clothes from landfills, and instead, reintroduce them into a circular ecosystem to the benefit of our planet, our NYC Families and our members. 

Often when we donate clothes, even with the best intentions, the items end up in a landfill or designated for burn. Not only can it take 200 years for one garment to decompose, releasing greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere while also leaking toxic dyes and chemicals into area water and soil, the creation of that one garment used finite resources like energy and water.

Children's clothes are often made of synthetic blends that are challenging and cost prohibitive to recycle. In addition to creating and supporting an amazing community of parents and kids who want to support the reimagining of the way in which we consume products, including textiles, our long-term goals include the support of innovations in fiber to fiber recycling and material science.

Scan the below QR Code to download  the app and register!

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Sort the clothes per our guidelines and find a collection event near you


Become an Infinery Member, and drop the clothes at a collection event or arrange for a pick-up!



Donate all or some of your points to a mom living in a domestic violence shelter. She'll become a member,

attend an event and pick like-new clothes for her kid(s). 

Keep our circular

community going - do it again and again!


An Infinery team member will sort your styles and allocate points

to your digital



Attend one of our pop-up events and redeem your points for like-new styles for your kiddos! We'll even have new styles of overstock donated from some of our favorite kids brands.



Join our community  as we reimagine the way we wear and waste.

Sort your kid(s) clothes into three categories and find a collection event today! 


Infinery takes items in fair and good condition that your kid(s) have outgrown, and merchandizes them in an Infinery pop-up in various locations in the city. Each item brought to Infinery is worth 1 to 5 points and the total is allocated to the member's wallet. Parents will use the points to "swap" for other styles brought by other Infinery members. A member can chose to donate a portion of or all of their points to a mom living in a Domestic Violence Shelter in NYC. She will be invited, with dignity, to shop at her discretion and select items that work for her kid(s) as a participating member. Some of our favorite children's brands have donated new styles to the pop-up that were designated for Off-price and/or burn. These styles will be merchandized with the "rehoming" styles brought to Infinery by members. 


Infinery will facilitate an opportunity for members to sell a limited selection of designer brands in partnership with start-up, Our Descendants, and will receive credit toward a circularity subscription or cash, whichever is preferred by the member. Using the resale guidelines, members will pre-sort items for collection and separate items for resale from items to rehome and place the items in it's own bag(s). These bag(s) will be sent to Our Descendants, where the exchange will be handled directly between the seller and the member. Members agree that any items not accepted by Our Descendants will be sent to Infinery for rehoming, and points will be then allocated to the members digital wallet. To get started, become a member and find a collection event near you. Remember to review the below sorting video and visit the list of accepted brands on the guidelines page. 


Garments unsuitable for resale or rehoming, such as stained, torn or damaged clothing as well as single socks or underwear can be placed in a separate bag and labeled "For recycling". These items will be sorted at a recycling facility and responsibly shredded before being turned into car mats. 

Part of Infinery's mission is to support innovations in fiber to fiber recycling. Post consumer plastics recycling into recycled polyester remains the popular recycling choice of most fashion brands today. This is due in part to the fact that fiber to fiber recycling remains widely unavailable at scale. In addition to reimagining the lifespan of a garment, Infinery seeks to allocate funding to advancing recycling methods and innovations in materials to foster more efficient circularity in fashion. 

Upcoming Events

At Infinery, we host two types of events to support our circular community of NYC-based parents. Collection events are events where parent members can drop pre-sorted styles in-exchange for points to shop at a future pop-up event. Pop-up events are shopping events where members can use their points to shop gently used styles as well as new styles designated for off-price and/or burn, donated by some of our favorite kid's brands!

Mother and child using a computer

713 Gallons

The number of gallons needed to make just one t-shirt. That one t-shirt will then take more than 200 years to fully decompose and will leak harmful gases and chemicals into the air and ground in the process. 


The percentage of clothing that really ends up in landfills annually. That's about 17 million tons of textiles thrown out globally each year. 

400 Million Pounds

The number of pounds in textile waste that NYC disposes of each year, which is equal to the weight of TWO Empire State Buildings!

81.5 pounds

The number of pounds of clothing each American, on average, throws away each year. 

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